Marie Ambal

Anne Marie Ninot was born in Rully in 1859 in the heart of the Burgundy wine-growing regions. 20 years later she was married to a Parisian banker, Antoine Emile Ambal.  She will follow him in Paris and they will have two children.


The Creation

At her husband's death, Marie returned to her native village of Rully, where her brother still lived. He was an owner and merchant of Burgundy wines.This time saw the beginnings of the champagne method. Marie was interested in it and decided to create her own Maison in 1898. To begin with, she produced both red and white high-quality champagne-method sparkling wines.


1st medal

The quality of wines produced by Veuve Ambal quickly became a reference point for consumers. 


1st transmission - Charles Roux

He ran the company up until his death in 1988 before it was passed on to his grandson Eric Piffaut.


Creation of the AOC Crémant de Bourgogne

This traditional wine has been produced and perfected by Veuve Ambal since 1898. In 1975 it acquired AOC status (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée).



2nd transmission Eric Piffaut

Eric Piffaut, Charles Roux's grandson, joined the business family in 1980 and became CEO in 1988.Visionary, he provides the company with wine estates, contributes to increase appellation's notoriety. Thanks to him, today Veuve Ambal is the 1st producer and the1st brand of Crémant de Bourgogne. 


New premises

After spending over a century at Rully in its original cellars, the VEUVE AMBAL Maison moved closer to Beaune in 2005.

The site, just off the A6 motorway, is a real showcase for Burgundy. Its state of the art premises inspired by traditional Burgundian materials signifies the combination of tradition and modernity.



Aurélien Piffaut

Eric Piffaut's son, Aurélien joined Veuve Ambal in 2010. He represents the 6th generation of the family and carries the dynamism from his great-great-grandmother Marie Ambal.